Choosing The Right Wheelchair Cushion

If you’ve ever had to sit for a long time, at your office, in a car or on a plane flight, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Well, those people who need a wheelchair due to an accident or a disability or even age related mobility issues face that dilemma daily. One of the […]

Wheelchair Cooling Pads

What are wheelchair cooling pads People confined to wheelchairs live daily lives filled with unique challenges. The changes that have evolved to make life easier for getting around in a wheelchair have helped, but the fact is they still have to contend with many non-friendly wheelchair environments. Today we’re going to talk about one of […]

Shower Wheelchairs For The Disabled

Shower wheelchairs can be an important part of day to day life for those with a disability. Bathrooms, and showers in particular, are a high risk area due to the slippery nature and awkward positions one can find themselves in. I’m sure you already know but I’ll say it again, there are literally hundreds of […]

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