How To Purchase A Used Wheelchair

Economic hard times have created a market for used, rather than new medical equipment including people needing a wheelchair. Because of the unique needs of each wheelchair user, special care needs to be considered before purchasing any used wheelchair. Most sources of used medical equipment including wheelchairs comes from family members who no longer need […]

Wheelchair Rental – A Short Term Solution

Wheelchair Rental – An Alternative To Purchasing The development of the wheelchair over the past has evolved considerably. The needs of both the temporarily and permanently disabled have been considered, offering independence and regularity in daily life. But what if you only need your wheelchair for a short period of time? Introducing the wheelchair rental. […]

Motorized Wheelchair Medical Policies

This is a typical insurance providers policy on qualifying for a motorized wheelchair. The information here is based heavily on the policies of Wellmark Inc. but are common amongst most insurance providers. Description: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is equipment that can withstand repeated use, is primarily used for a medical purpose, and is generally not […]

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