Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is a true American manufacturer of quality lift chairs which is headquartered in Old Forge, Pa. Claiming largest facility in the world that is dedicated to the manufacturing and assembly of lift chairs.

Other mobility products they make:

  • Scooters
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Medical Beds

All assembled in the Mobility Operations building in Kingston, Pa. Providing jobs for over 200 local residents, Golden Technologies is proud to be contributing to the region’s economy.

Golden Technologies is a true story of “The American Dream”. Robert Golden Senior and Fred Kiwak founded the company in 1985 and was founded on the idea of “building it right the first time”. This motto still holds true to this day. In fact it there is a banner that proudly displays this fact hanging above the manufacturing floor, this serves as a reminder to the employees that the company is committed to our customers satisfaction. A family-owned and operated company, Golden Technologies is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products in the medical equipment industry.

Golden Technologies Manuals and Service Manuals:

Alante Brochure
Alante HD Brochure
Alante II Owner’s Manual
Alero Brochure
Alero GP50 User Manual
Alero Jr GP 200 Owner’s Manual
Avenger 3 and 4 Wheeled Owner’s Manual
Avenger 3-Wheel Brochure
Avenger 4-Wheel Brochure
Buzzaround 3-Wheel Brochure
Buzzaround 4-Wheel Brochure
Buzzaround Lite Owner’s manual
Buzzaround Service Manual
Companion 3-Wheel Brochure
Companion II 3-Wheel Brochure
Companion II 4-Wheel Brochure
Compass Brochure
Compass Service Manual
Liteway Owner’s Manual

Contact Information

Golden Technologies
401 Bridge Street
Old Forge, PA 18518

Toll Free Number: 800-624-6374
Fax: 800-628-5165

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