AmeriGlide Traveler 3 Wheel Travel Scooter

The Ameriglide Traveler mobility scooter tips the scales at less than 100 pounds. This is fully assembled with the batteries so this is a very lightweight scooter. It also quickly disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces which makes it even super easy to load into the the trunk of your vehicle. There is a weight capacity […]

Get Your Freedom Back With Mobility Scooters

You are now able to get your freedom of movement back by using Mobility Scooters. They now come in all types and shapes, made to give you total freedom to travel and move around anywhere you please.  It is now a free wide world of travel for you without any fear or worry of giving […]

Is a Mobility Scooter Right for You?

When choosing a new mobility scooter there are a few things you should consider. Take into account your current physical limitations and what you limitations in mobility may be like in a year or two. You may be limited to the type of mobility scooter by your ailment so you should talk with your doctor […]

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