Wheelchair Rental – A Short Term Solution

Wheelchair Rental – An Alternative To Purchasing

The development of the wheelchair over the past has evolved considerably. The needs of both the temporarily and permanently disabled have been considered, offering independence and regularity in daily life. But what if you only need your wheelchair for a short period of time? Introducing the wheelchair rental. Individual users needs and goals determine the type of investment needed to provide a better life experience. In the case of the accident victim who will be in need of a wheelchair for a short time, renting a wheelchair is definitely a “best case” option.

Consulting with your physician and physical therapist on the type of wheelchair needed is recommended. Many medical equipment providers offer a monthly wheelchair rental option but often require a security deposit as well as signing a rental agreement. Getting the name of an equipment provider from your healthcare specialist will insure you are working with a reputable company and will be getting the right wheelchair for individual needs.

Wheelchair Rental Sources

The Yellow Pages, internet searches, and hospital directories can provide names and phone numbers for these companies for ease of contact. On-line or in the Yellow Pages searche for:

These searches will give you options to choose from when obtaining a wheelchair to meet your needs. If the wheelchair user is planning on needing the wheelchair while traveling or while moving between healthcare facilities for ongoing tests or care, there are different options available.

Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities may offer a wheelchair rental for use while receiving treatment between facilities or in home use for shorter periods of time. Check with the wheelchair users medical specialist for options while the treatments are in process.

What if your away from home

If planning a vacation be sure the wheelchair you select for the disabled person meets the needs of specific plans. Especially if your going to visit places like San Diego California or Las Vegas Nevada. Some beach resorts and beach management companies provide wheelchairs for the disabled at their locations. This insures the wheelchair can provide the user with the ability to enjoy the beach as well as the other resort features. Making sure the wheelchair provided is capable of allowing the user to enjoy the time confined in the wheelchair for the duration of the visit.

Many elderly people find themselves confined to a wheelchair and for these people the right wheelchair can allow them to have a normal lifestyle as well as participate in special family functions and activities.

Remember the advent of wheelchairs and their development has offered to the disabled, whether temporarily or permanently, a way to enjoy life more fully. Being independent and confident in the ability to be self-sufficient can give the disabled a way to live a happier life. A wheelchair rental can do the same for just about anybody else.

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