Wheelchair Cooling Pads

What are wheelchair cooling pads

People confined to wheelchairs live daily lives filled with unique challenges. The changes that have evolved to make life easier for getting around in a wheelchair have helped, but the fact is they still have to contend with many non-friendly wheelchair environments. Today we’re going to talk about one of the more uncomfortable aspects of wheelchairs in general. Sitting in a motorized wheelchair for long periods of time is uncomfortable. There is something that helps, wheelchair cooling pads.

Even the average home isn’t designed to accommodate the person force to live a life in a wheelchair. Because the public awareness has grown in the area of just what these challenges are, innovations in many areas have come about that makes small but significant differences in the quality of life for these individuals living a life most of us can’t even imagine.

One such innovation is recognizing the need for, and development of, wheelchair cooling pads to make life a little more comfortable for the many hours spent sitting in a motorized wheelchair. Medical cooling pads have been around for awhile but what if we took that concept a bit further?

The cooling pads were initially designed to absorb the body heat generated by normal daily activities and to create a cooling sensation for the user. The older models were filled with water and then once the water is absorbed into the pad it created a cool sitting area, but this pad required water to be added every couple of weeks and could be awkward to refill. The newer models are made from something called mirabilite that is actually able to renew it’s cooling ability by just sitting at just below normal room temperature or can also be cooled in a refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.

Here are just a few benefits of the new design:

  • All Natural
  • Non Toxic
  • Superior Heat Absorption
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof

Common Specifications (Varies among manufacturers)

Size: 12″x12″ to 18″ x 14″
Starts Working: Roughly 10 Minutes
Lasts for: Up to 8 hours

These pads have given the wheelchair user a small but significant way to alleviate the hot and uncomfortable hours of sitting in their wheelchair making life a little better in a big way. Amazingly, these types of innovations often find their way into the lives of people who were not even the focus of the initial development of the product. Some other great uses for wheelchair cooling pads would be to place it on your car’s seat for long trips where sitting is required or if you spend many hours in front of a computer, put it on your chair!

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