Amigo Mobility

The “friendly wheelchair” was invented in a homeowner’s garage in Bridgeport, Michigan in 1968. The founder, Al Thieme, had the ultimate motivation to create a mobility product in order to help a family member that was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The end result of his hard work was The Amigo, as it was brand-named, and it initiated the entire “mobility scooter” industry. Since it’s inception, thousands upon thousands of people from around the world with mobility limitations have experienced the personal freedom and independence on their American made Amigo power operated vehicles (POVs).

1968 – Allan R Thieme invents and sells the first Amigo
1970 – The first Amigo Shopper is sold to Meijer Thrifty Acres store in Michigan
1977 – Social Security law is changed to include POVs
1981 – 10,000th Amigo is built
1987 – Rear Wheel Drive Introduction expands mobility to outdoor terrain
1992 – Amigo creates first four-wheel model and wins Michigan New Product Award
1999 – Introduction of the TravelMate; world’s first folding power operated vehicle
2003 – Awarded Office Depot business and Amigo’s largest-ever commercial order to date
2004 – Introduction of the Amigo Classic; travel product with original Front Drive Design

Amigo Mobility Manuals and Specifications:

Amigo Belt Drivin RWD Owner’s Manual
Amigo B-6 Specs
Amigo Centra A Owner’s Manual
Amigo Centra B Owner’s Manual
Amigo Deluxe Owner’s Manual
Amigo IV Indoor & IV Outdoor Owner’s Manual
Amigo Centra, Deluxe & Sport IV Owner’s Manual
Amigo Classic FD Specs
Amigo Classic
Amigo Classic Specs
Amigo EXT350 Specs
Amigo FD, Centra, Deluxe, Baja, MC, RT, Mini RT, GT Transport & HD450 Owner’s Manual
Amigo FD, Centra, Deluxe, J9, Baja, MC & Grand Tour Owner’s Manual
Amigo Fiesta 1 Owner’s Manual
Amigo Fiesta III, SE, IV & IV-12 Owner’s Manual
Amigo FWD & Supreme Owner’s Manual
Amigo FWD T-Bar Owner’s Manual
Amigo HD450 Specs
Amigo J9 Owner’s Manual
Amigo MC Specs
Amigo MCX Specs
Amigo RD Specs
Amigo RT Express Specs
Amigo RT Express, RT Express Junior, RD, EXT350 & HD450 Owner’s Manual
Amigo Shabbat Operational Instructions
Amigo Travel Mate Owner’s Manual
Amigo Travelmate RD Specs

Contact Information

Amigo Mobility International, Inc.
6693 Dixie Highway
Bridgeport, MI 48722-9725

Phone: 1-800-MY-AMIGO
Fax: 1-800-334-7274

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