Find Your Mobility – Use a Manual Wheelchair

The Manual Wheelchair is seen as the all time greatest breakthrough in providing mobility to a great number of people in the society who, until now, were unable to move around because of their various disabilities. They are made to be used by old people, the handicapped or just by people with special needs and […]

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

What separates the heavy duty wheel chair from a standard manual wheelchair? Simply put it is the construction and quality and durability of materials used.  If you lead a lifestyle want to play sports or take a trail that is unpaved then your going to need something stronger and more durable then an everyday use […]

Why Use a Transport Wheelchair

With all the different styles of wheelchair available you may ask yourself, why would anyone opt for a transport wheelchair? Let’s look at the reason for being in a wheelchair in the first place. There are a number of different injuries or ailments that would require the assistance a wheelchair can provide. The mobility provided […]

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