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Qin Bailan Qin Bailan is a true icon to dedication and perseverance in her quest for life. Overcoming many obstacles and difficulties along the way she has become an artist and activist of international acclaim. Born in 1948 in Jinzhou Province in Northeastern China she led a normal and happy rural life until succumbing to a crippling disease at the age of 18 which robbed her of the use of her legs. Surviving this she accepted life in a wheelchair as her fate but she did not accept defeat as a person. To fill the excess time created by her limited mobility and inactivity she sampled many crafts and hobbies available to her to enrich her life. Around the age of 20 she first investigated painting in the traditional Chinese methods as a means of self expression and beauty through local artists in her home town. Finding this art form to be both fulfilling and challenging, classical Chinese art became her lifes focus and dream. She pursued her dream working to attend an art academy in Shenyang to perfect her skills and express herself through her work. Finally in 1980 at the age of 32 her dreams were realized. After years of study and practice she would now be able to learn from living masters in the craft. Her acceptance to this prestigious school was just the beginning and this did not come without hardship. Just to travel to the school to attend classes was a six hour train ride. In those days the trains and public transportation facilities were ill prepared to accommodate

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