Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

What separates the heavy duty wheel chair from a standard manual wheelchair? Simply put it is the construction and quality and durability of materials used.  If you lead a lifestyle want to play sports or take a trail that is unpaved then your going to need something stronger and more durable then an everyday use chair.

A heavy duty wheelchair is made for such events and is exactly what you’ll need to get the job done. Designed with stronger materials, knobby or wide tires, a larger footprint, and on some models you’ll even get shock absorbers.

A wheelchair like this is not for everyday use unless of course you are incredibly strong. There are lighter weight options out there but they are not as stable which means your heavy duty wheelchair will be very heavy and more difficult to transport.

Keep this in mind when shopping around, they have their place and hopefully you can get to the place in your life where a chair like this will help to keep you active and health conscious!

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