Electric Wheelchair Types and Shapes

When you set out to look for a good Electric Wheelchair to purchase, it pays to know that there are very many varieties in the market today. Unless you have been referred by the doctor to buy a given type, you might have to go through a whole lot of catalogs before you make your selection. In order for you to make a wise choice, here are some of the factors that should guide you satisfactorily.

There are some popular types of wheel chairs and each one comes with its own unique benefits. Electric Wheelchairs are generally powered by deep-cycle batteries like the ones used on outboard boat engines. The ‘’joystick’’ is used to control direction and speed but other devices can be added for easy coordination in case the user lacks dexterity in their hands or fingers. They basically don’t fold or disassemble and might require transport on ramps and lifts. It is for this reason that there are now varieties that come with even more special features.

The Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs will give you an easy ride over almost all terrain because they are versatile, larger, and heavier and come with rear-front-mid wheel drive selection powered by powerful electric motors. There are also fold-able wheelchairs which will have power but with versatility. They are lightweight and made mostly from aluminum for its light weight quality and durability. It can be easily folded and stored in the car-boot or hooked on to the back of a car seat. The travel types are also available to take you anywhere – on voyages in airlines, cruise ships or even in compact spaces like pavements, small apartments, offices, malls and such like places. The Center Wheel drive is mostly preferred for outdoor and indoor use; it is especially useful for sport and rough terrain.

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