How to get a Motorized Wheelchair through Medicare

So you’ve decided to start the qualification process for a new motorized wheelchair, what is the process you ask? Glad you asked, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get Medicare qualified:

First make an appointment with your doctors office and tell them you would like to see your physician for a mobility evaluation, explain to them over the phone what you are doing and make sure they understand that this is for a mobility evaluation and not a general visit.

During your visit with the physician you will be asked several questions that have to do with your mobility needs, your answers will help determine if you qualify for a motorized wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Here is a list of medical criteria that Medicare determines whether or not you qualify. Your physician will be asking questions to determine if:

  • You would be confined to a chair or bed without assistance.
  • You are not able to use a manual wheelchair due to problems with your upper torso or arms.
  • You are able to safely operate a motorized wheelchairs controls.

Once you are through the qualification phase and have your prescription, the motorized wheelchair manufacture will help you finish any of the remaining paperwork, making the claim, and getting you qualified for reimbursement. The manufacture will aid you through the entire process. They are in the business of providing motorized wheelchairs so it is in their best interest to do so.

After all the paperwork is done then the last thing is the delivery of your new chair, a trained professional from the manufactures service group should come to your home and adjust the chair for your body style to provide the most comfort possible.

That’s it, it all starts with a call to your doctors office. Regain the mobility you miss with a motorized wheelchair.

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