How to choose a Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight Wheelchairs in the market can be found in 3 categories or types which come as:

  • Folding
  • Rigid
  • Titanium Folding and Titanium Rigid

Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs are suitable for transportation in vehicles because it is easily folded and put away behind the car seat.  They have all the features compared to the rigid type but can be folded up and hung with a tug on the seat upholstery.  The weight, performance and swing-away leg rests can be incorporated easily.

Rigid Lightweight Wheelchairs are the most popular in this category because of their rigid frame. The rigid frame does away with any additional gadgets or hardware and mechanical controls of a folding frame. This therefore, reduces the weight.  They also give better response and performance.  Some come with push handles, others have flip-up armrests and others have Spinergy SPOX wheels and light-up front casters.

Titanium Lightweight Wheelchairs are now the best choice for those who are looking for lightness, strength, durability and the built-in shock absorption metal. They are found in both folding and rigid makes.  The Titanium ones are generally more costly and take longer to build compared to the other types already discussed here.  If you do not mind the price, then they are the best choice for any individual looking for toughness, durability, class and convenience.  Their being able to provide the built-in shock absorption makes it even more desirable for most people.

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