A Convict’s Testimony

Alex Flores was shot with a rifle which paralyzed him and made him wheelchair bound. He then got blasted with shotgun which almost took his life. This is a small portion of the life his life that has now been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Be blessed!
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19 Responses to “A Convict’s Testimony”

  1. KABLE999 says:

    go back to your native roots! leave that bible garbage behind!

  2. TheBribri815 says:

    i love my tio , you niece bri <3

  3. MyLovelyHomicide says:

    just go to other countries where people dont believe in god as much and im sure therell be cases of rehabilitated convicts…

  4. kevinmauidude1 says:

    This is truly beautiful. I’m writing a report on the capital punishment law and it’s people like you who’ll help make it illeagal. No one deserves to die even if they can’t change their mindset like you because it’s up to God, not up for us to decide. Isn’t that true everyone?

  5. kevinmauidude1 says:

    You’re a good guy.

  6. meangreen4321 says:

    Well, does this kind of change happen without Christianity? Show me some examples, I’d be glad to hear it. This is not to say you’re wrong, but I haven’t heard many stories of convicts pulling themselves out of the gutter without reliance on God. Maybe it’s a delusion… I don’t know.

  7. Ford Mustang says:

    Lameass motherfucker

  8. dewittepiet says:

    Jesus can change lifes

  9. platinumloco says:

    jus another scrap

  10. dermont5 says:

    Fantastic that’s what it’s all about finding relationship with God. I’m glad you found the right path.

  11. elsmiley1978 says:

    God bless you brother. Praise JESUS!!

  12. NorthernerMiguell says:

    Theres no god ahahahahahah nice crutch real men sort there problems out without having to use a mental crutch such as religon

  13. bluegrassy1 says:

    God changes lives. This is a good testimony of the power and love of God. 🙂

  14. MrWhoizitwhoizit says:

    he is in a wheel chair duh of courese he is turining he cant run defenend himself

  15. Andy Cee says:

    keep on keepin on brother. God bless. PEACE

  16. hannahr77 says:

    Praise be to GOD, HE had a different plan than the 1 of satan, hallelu-yah

  17. LordsLight says:

    Praise the Lord!

  18. Roseann Franco says:

    Your message is real and I know that you are a man sent by God.. It’s taken me a long time to come back. I backslid from V.O.C.S.J. in 1990 and besides my kids that God has blessed me with doing things my way hasn’t taken me nowhere but down. So everthing you have said is so true. Stay true to our Lord and pray for me and my eldest son Mark who I raised in VOSJ. Amazingly he still remembers laying his hands on people at the alter at 2 &3 years old. My name Rose Ann. Thanks Bro Danny

  19. danny4148 says:

    great video

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