A Mother’s Tears

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy affects many boys worldwide. This disease rips your heart out.This is about a mothers / fathers heartbreak for dreams unfulfilled, for the anguish we all feel, for lives cut too short…our boys are our heros, they sufffer in silence and this disease does not get the recognition it deserves.I hope this message will touch your hearts and educate you a little more. People often see our boys in their chairs, but do not realise the struggle life has been for them, they often don’t realise that they had a life before the wheelchair. For more information go to the Parent Project Australia (PPA)website: www.parentproject.org.au Support us, support our boys, help make a difference. Parent Project Australia has been “re-branded”. Look for the new DUCHENNE FOUNDATION. The new website – www.duchennefoundation.org.au will be up soon…..in the meantime that link will default to the Parent Project Australia website.

25 Responses to “A Mother’s Tears”

  1. jubinjibin says:

    @littleblakduk i can ur pain cause i am also suffering md but thankfully not duchenne

  2. mkymtr says:

    How absolutely heartbreaking. My love is for you and your son. No one can imagine how brave you are to tell your story. Keep the faith and god bless

  3. goodbro says:

    please keep your son’s nutrition up! nutrition is the key. i promise.

  4. Emj702 says:

    My son has recently been diagnosed with DMD he is 7yrs old. I have been processing this for 6months and have found it hard to absorb. A mothers tears helped me find mine and I often catch myself thinking your last words – when I am alone I cry, this I know will be true for me for the rest of my life. I am grateful for a glimps at your story, I am on the journey of my own now…. May the small things reward you and your family with love!

  5. russethlee says:

    Thank you for this touching and sensitive video. It shows the “new normal” in a family when a child is diagnosed with DMD. I had the gift of being able to visit with a boy with DMD for 3 years…it changed my life. I always feel that he was the reason I chose to go to graduate school, and study children who have illnesses.

  6. pineapplenum1 says:

    i have never even heard of this before and im sorry to hear your pain, very touching video made me cry. god bless you all

  7. hajigula says:

    Hi i m from pakistan and this kids story is similar to my own brother.He died this year in january suffering with DMD.His name was BILAL and was fattso like him.Bilal died may he rest in peace and for this kid may GOD give him a chance for cure.Bilals age was 14 and was really cute like him. LOVE TO BOTH

  8. CreateSmiles1987 says:

    beautiful job, DMD has been a part of my life for many years… I have watched a friend and later a boyfriend pass away… too many have lost this battle. I have been part of the fight now for over 40 years, I will never stop. I feel this pain too. I wish you less tears, and more smiles in your day to day life.

  9. hisbaby1987 says:

    i have friends with md keep fighting….hugs

  10. tpirfan2004 says:

    I just lost a friend to Duchenne’s last night. I was surfing around, looking for a good way to get my tears out – and I found this. Absolutely beautiful song – I have cerebral palsy and am fundraising in the US for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). My ” kid” (he has parents, it’s an endearing term) is turning 9 soon, and he has DMD. This video and song deepens my passion, even though I work 24/7/365 for MDA here in America. God bless you and your son. What an inspiration and a hero.

  11. delannathomas says:

    Our 6-yr-old son has DMD. I’ve watched a lot of videos. I’ve read a lot of articles. But I want to say that this video has best expressed my deepest feelings. I’ve never met you, but I feel I know you–or at least–you know me. God bless you and your son. Delanna

  12. SherrBear2004 says:

    My brother has this. I know all of your pain. I’ve seen it first hand. We were blessed in the fact that he is midly austic. I hope your son has a great quality of life. I wish you the best.

  13. toberget says:

    Yes a great hero…<3 we understand each eder...dear sister in pain...hugs and kiss


    sooo beautiful

  15. aidanne07 says:

    I feel so sorry for you and your family, I hope they find a cure real soon. Good luck in all you do.

  16. 04730190 says:

    I am a medical student here in trinidad and i wish to commend all of you who support these children with DMD. Its a struggle I can’t begin to imagine for all involved but pray and have hope because 1 day there will be a cure. Have faith and be strong

  17. tottydude says:

    I’m a mum of two children and my heat bleeds for you and your family!!! My friend has just been told her new born baby has Duchenne, Muscular Dystrophy. I never knew what is was until now. I’m going to try and raise money for the charity. PS, your son is lovely you should be proud of him! x

  18. littleblakduk says:

    Yes, the boys with Duchenne are so brave…it is very rare for the boys to lament about their lot in life…my son is my hero

  19. littleblakduk says:

    Beautiful song and video clip…..yes our boys are our sunshine….

  20. littleblakduk says:

    yes, there are many times when I feel sad , but there are good times too. The tragedy is that this disease is continually degenerating, so there is a constant sense of mourning for what has been lost and for what might have been. Many thanks for taking the time to comment

  21. toberget says:

    I wouldnt change my boys fr all the gold in the world, my boys have give so much joy not only pain. I have 2 boys Niclas 23 y Richard 27 y. Richard died 10 june 2008
    I miss him soo much my heart is brooken
    Hugs and kisse to y and y family//Carla

  22. littleblakduk says:

    only those that have “been there” will understand. My heart goes out to you as you have double the pain, the grief etc. …yes we are sisters in pain….But I wouldnt change my boy for the world…yes, if I could make the disease disappear, I would. But we do have our times of joy and celebration. I would rather have had him for this time – however long or short, than to not have had him at all. My hugs to you and your family too……

  23. toberget says:

    How many tears!!!! I know how it´s like.
    Have 2 boys whit DMD…..many hugs to u from a sister in pain…

  24. realselena122 says:

    this is so so so so so so sad i felt like crying i feel really bad

  25. realselena122 says:

    so so sad

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