I never slept last night (original song – redone)

Redo of “I never slept last night” because I’ve made some lyrical and melodic adjustments. It’s a song about a friend of mine who I used to hang out with a lot. The references during the chorus comes from the last ‘happy’ time I remember when we were out drinking, whereas the verses, and of course the end, refer to me staying up all night in the next room in hospital after her attempted suicide. Although it wasn’t successful, she does now have severe brain damage, and will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Obviously this was a big event in my life, and I felt I needed to write a song to help me cope. I haven’t had any real contact with her in a few years now as her parents moved her to a quieter area, and she rarely leaves the house from what I understand. Even so – I think I managed to conjure up the emotions I felt that night 4 years ago pretty well. I hope you like the song. Dan _Lyrics_ CEmFC The sun is coming up, and the morning is already here, GF I never slept last night. CEmFC If this life is so short, then why did last night feel, GF So very fucking long? AmGCF The rain is kissing me, AmGC And I feel so bitter today. Get me out of here, this place, I never slept last night. If this life has meaning, then why did last night feel, So fucking meaningless? Tell me once again, How did I end up in this mess? AmFC G Last I remember, you were singing by the roadside, AmFCG Wed been drinking, and you were out of it. AmGFG Ive never hurt so much, oh no, Am G FG

19 Responses to “I never slept last night (original song – redone)”

  1. dan892k7 says:

    Cheers :-), I’m glad you like it. And thanks for subscribing too 😀


  2. coolshaan20 says:

    Man totaly awesome .. m subscribing u ..

  3. dan892k7 says:

    I don’t know, in my case I think it’s best she lived, because it would have hurt a lot more if she’d died. I at least got to hang out with her for a little while after. If she’d have died no good would have come of anything, and she seems to be much happier these days even with her disabilities, I think surviving was good because it gave her a second chance.


  4. Fortuitous2 says:

    What a horrible thing to go through… and it could leave one wondering if a successful suicide might have been a better ending in her case. This may be worse… the grieving goes on and on and on. So sorry.

  5. dan892k7 says:

    Cheers, I’m really glad you like it, and I hope you’re doing okay :-). Take care,


  6. TheBathroomGirl says:

    Dear Dan,

    Your song really touched me and the tears fall as I listen to this. The emotion comes through plain and clear. It’s, of course, a tragedy when someone takes their own life but I never thought about those who don’t succeed and instead are permanently physically damaged by their attempt.

    On a music side, I loved the strumming pattern and melody.

    I’m going to put this on loop as I respond to some msgs ..

    Thanks for sharing .. Cherry x

  7. yomommahhaha says:

    I love the lyrics! 🙂
    Love the song!!
    keep making more!

  8. dan892k7 says:

    haha, cool :-p

  9. xsvsx says:

    I guess they’re just more emphatic 😉

    Yeah, this version is better, and I really loved the first one. You have collected a new fan 🙂

  10. dan892k7 says:

    No, still only four times but I changed the second two verses with their other lyrics, lol :-p. I think it sounds better now than it did, deffo.


  11. xsvsx says:

    Ahh I like it. And you kept the ‘fucking’… In fact, have you added more? Anyway, loving it.

  12. dan892k7 says:

    Cheers 🙂

  13. xNefarious says:

    Awesome, can’t wait. 🙂
    Broken Glass is a pretty promising title. 😀


  14. FolkRiot says:

    Hey nice improvements. Impressive…

  15. dan892k7 says:

    I’m uploading a song called “Broken glass” next I think, I’ll wait a day or two or this one to accumulate some hits though :-p. Might record the mixed version I’ve had for years and try and put a little video to it, instead of recording an acoustic version like all my other songs… not sure :-p


  16. xNefarious says:

    Wow that’s awesome. 😀 It’s such a neat topic to explore. 🙂

    You seem to be pretty multi-talented!

    I write quite a bit but not usually lyrics. I’m working on a novel and I have a few short stories and poems. I used to write lyrics when I was younger but they’re all immature drabble now. I’d need to play an instrument you can sing along to I think. I play the trumpet so that doesn’t work too well. xD

    I can’t to hear more original work from you!


  17. dan892k7 says:


    stayed up with her all night worrying for her. Then the lines “The rain is blessing me, and I feel so bitter today”, “Tell me once again, how did I end up in this mess?”, “Ive never hurt so much, and Ive never been so sure.”, and “The emergency room is such an uncomfortable place” are the girl talking back to the guy, what it’s like for her being in this situation. And if I ever sing it with a band I’m going to try and get a girl to sing those lines, and maybe the chorus too :-),


  18. dan892k7 says:

    Well, I’d actually been up all night working which inspired the first couple of lines. And then I though, “When has there been a dramatic time that I’ve stayed up all night” – and I thought back to when my Kim had fallen 36ft from her house, and me and my mate Mikey stayed up all night unable to sleep with the grief that she could die.

    I decided to use that, but make it a girl who’d been hit by a car while out drinking with her mates. And it’s sung from the point of view of the lad who


  19. xNefarious says:

    I love it. 😀
    I think you changed it just the right amount. The beginning was a bit shaky for me, but it got a lot better as the song went along. 🙂
    What inspired you to write this?

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