July 10, 2008

The question: Think of someone who is your friend (do not select your best friend, but someone you would classify as “considerably more than an acquaintance”). This friend is going to be attacked by a grizzly bear. Now this person will survive the bear attack, that is guaranteed. There is a 100 percent chance that your friend will live. However, the extent of his injuries is unknown; he might receive nothing but a few superficial scratches, but he might also lose a limb (or multiple limbs). He might recover completely in twenty-four hours with nothing but a great story, of he might spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Somehow, you have the ability to stop this attack from happening. You can magically save your friend from the bear. But his/her salvation will come at a peculiar price: if you choose to stop the bear, it will always rain. For the rest of your life, wherever you go, it will be raining. Sometimes it will pour and sometimes it will drizzle- but it will never NOT be raining. But it won’t rain over the totality of the earth, nor will the hydrological cycle be disrupted; these storm clouds will be isolated and they will focus entirely on your specific whereabouts. You will never see the sun again. Do you stop the bear and accept a lifetime of rain? Moomintroll: en.wikipedia.org

25 Responses to “July 10, 2008”

  1. MigUeLiStHaBoMb says:


  2. merven24 says:

    i’ve always love the rain, so i will save my friend

  3. huskerfan94 says:

    i like rain.
    so of course i would save the friend

  4. McCrimmonRahne says:

    yes a lifetime of rain

  5. latinapeacechick says:

    I LOVE RAIN!!! i would definitely choose to save my friend

  6. justeenbean says:

    INTERESTING! i will search that up.

  7. ichuckpoo says:

    If you YouTube search Magibon + Before, there’s a video of her talking in English like a regular vlog.
    And if you YouTube search Magibon + Japan, she was invited to go to Japan, where she gets interviewed by this lady, and her Japanese isn’t very good, so she has a translator and all. Her teeth are creepy btw. XP

  8. canuxfan44 says:

    i like rain anyway 😛
    i’d save them =]

  9. zacharyxbinks says:

    Go team Nikon!

  10. Junoluvsu says:

    This is why you are made of awesome Justine.

    Haha that was a great ending.

  11. DarkSoulDarkLove16 says:

    My Neighbor Totoro for the win!

  12. KaylasNotGrey says:

    That must be an easy answer for you, doesn’t it rain 24/7 where you live anyways? 😛

  13. rawrgabbie says:

    its your job?
    and justeen i love you because this video just prooved my point about the video im putting up soon
    thank you so much<3

  14. rawrgabbie says:

    i cant even answer this next week D:

  15. ShutUpChago says:

    I love that question!
    I think I would go with the rain.

    Great magibon. xD

  16. iCerial says:

    Save Friend

  17. WindowsWorld says:

    how much was that camera? (if you dont mind me asking)
    because i really want one like it.
    if you dont want to tell everyone message me it.
    so i can start saving or beg my dad (:

  18. lilyE3rosey says:

    well im afraid i have to bux an umbrella^^

  19. CrayolaaWonderr says:

    I would save my friend.
    I quite enjoy the rain although it would become annoying. I would save my friend. 😀

  20. Nopeie says:

    Yes I would stop the bear

  21. justeenbean says:


  22. justeenbean says:

    The Trouble with Boys- Loreta

  23. Inware says:

    What model is that camera? d50? d60? d150:P
    Oh i just love the rain, i would take the rain no doubt. you can even look at it with a greater good. Wherever there is drought, they can fly you in and you can save a town or village.

  24. The707Juveniles says:

    hahah i loved your magibon impression (:
    it made me laugh.
    and that question made me think for a while. but i came up with an answer(:
    loved the vlog!

  25. cheeseandcrackerrs says:

    what about the Olympian Penn.? I was there for 3 days and it was always raining.

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