King Diamond – The Wheelchair

LYRICS: [Instrumental – 24 secs] “What you did to my mother! Trying to kill me inside of her!” “Miriam she died alright! But I’m still alive…” “I was the sister of your father’s, in another life…” “The father you never knew, who saved me years ago!” “And now I’m looking… At his son…” “A man and his wheelchair, living in the past!” “No room for life! Only the dark…” [Instrumental – 23 secs] “I was so close to the end… I will never forget the coffin and nails!” “But little Abigail is back again…” “So young and beautiful, while you are living in the past!” “A past so dark, there is no room for life itself…” [Instrumental – 2 secs] “And all I see when I’m looking at you…” [Instrumental – 2 secs] “Is where evil always lived and ruled…” “You almost killed me… And now you must pay!” “A man and his wheelchair, living in the past!” “No room for life! Only the dark…” [Instrumental – 5 secs] “Do you even know who the hell it is, You are keeping in the crypt?! …Do you?!” [Instrumental – 3 secs] Fear and twisted hate, then the feeling of being betrayed… Overwhelmed him… “That child is part of me!” (Part of me… part of me… part of me… part of me…) (Part of me… part of me… part of me…) [Instrumental – 24 secs] He had to get up! Get up and out of the wheelchair… But without his cane… Oh, he didn’t stand a chance! The cane was in her hand! She used it to push him back! Push him in the chest, she was ready for attack… Then a quick blow to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “King Diamond – The Wheelchair”

  1. TAH6969 says:

    My daughter was named Abagail as a tribute 2 “Abigail”.HAIL the KING!!!!

  2. thoule204 says:

    @1billias Totally agree!!

  3. 1billias says:

    the best voice ever in metal history

  4. MrTabby5000 says:

    Abigail was a great story.

  5. zaidarkness666 says:

    fucking awesome….bring the nostalgia….

  6. wazzle552 says:

    that was terrible

  7. jorgerbl66 says:

    nice soloo the first one

  8. AlecWithAHeartOfGold says:

    Mike Wead’s solo at 2:55 , one of my all time favorites!

  9. guitarherof3fan says:

    extauly good music, i met his music when i bought and played guitar hero metallica

  10. vargbolt says:

    nice album cover

  11. leakycauldron1 says:

    KD rules! Along with Venom he more or less invented Black Metal. I like his whole evolution from Nuns Have No Fun to The Puppet Master and everything in between.
    Some songs are better than others but the amount of good ones is insane, much better than most bands imho

  12. ammoape75 says:

    @Deathless1One and they should use King’s music for the sound track, just to make it that much better. just have the corresponding song in a given scene. i agree with you fully. modern cinema needs a good movie, and that would fill the quota.

  13. Kruelon says:

    “Instrumental” ? Why? ._.

  14. fourhorsemen16 says:

    its insane, i have never heard a bad king diamond song and ive listened to about 4 of his albums

  15. Gurra88 says:

    “Abigail 2″ is underrated. Yeah, I said it.

  16. MrJimballs says:

    this song rules, this album rules, King rules, this is metal at its best

  17. silentzombie161 says:

    @6CharlotteTheHarlot6 or the art of storytelling

  18. bokuroker says:

    @Deathless1One Yeah, Rob Zombie should produce an Abigail movie, it woulb be freakin epic!

  19. MISTYPOWELL says:

    @Deathless1One  ha ha i would love to see that happen

  20. Headbanger9000 says:

    @MrContradictshun Try and sing??? You are talking down on one of the greatest and most influential vocalists in metal. Maybe high pitched singing isn’t your thing but thats what makes the King unique. Plus the fact that his normal vocals are very versitile and at times highly operatic, plus the fact he as a nearly five octave vocal range. I’d like to see you try and sing perfect controlled falsettos and theatrical vocals like he can. He is the King for a reason, go ask James Hetfield

  21. Nuhtin4u says:

    One of the Top 3 BEST Songs on this Album and this Album rightfully takes 4th on my KD album list, After (in order) Abigail, “Them”, Conspiracy, and before (in order) The Graveyard and The Spider’s Lullabye. A Very worthy sequel to the First Abigail Album. Don’t like it? Fuck you you don’t deserve to be a King Diamond Fan.
    Stay Heavy Guys!
    m/ King Forever1 m/

  22. tucula says:

    Then a quick blow to his wrist, four, five across his back…One last one hit him on the neck…I can’t believe you’re still alive! My God! – she screamed… I’ll teach you how to die!

  23. spitnugget says:

    thats the best idea since cookie dough!!!

  24. MrContradictshun says:

    I don’t get it… The musicians in this band are very good, and the vocalist is fine some of the time… But I can’t listen to a grown man try and sing like a electronically modified little girl for more than three seconds without vomiting… This is one of the only bearable songs by King Diamond…

  25. fatesrush says:

    I like Abigail 2 much for my own good.

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