Lady Chatterley – English Trailer

English Trailer for “Lady Chatterley” based on the novel by DH Lawrence. Winner of 5 César Awards (Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film, and Best Screen Adaptation), 2 Lumière Awards (Best Actress, Best Director), a Prix Luois Delluc, Best Actress at the Tribecca Film Festival, and an Étoile d’Or (Best Film), Lady Chatterley was featured at the Focus On French Cinema film festival in 2008. More information can be found at: Film Synopsis: At the age of 23, Constance Reid marries Clifford Chatterley, an irresistible Cambridge graduate, lieutenant, and mine owner. Their honeymoon is brief. After being drafted into WWI, Clifford returns a broken man, condemned to spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The couple moves to the dull, rural Wragby, where Constance finds herself islolated, bored, and nostalgic for the livelier days before her marriage. It is her taciturn gamekeeper, Parkin, who awakens Lady Chatterleys desire, one that she had never felt before. Parkin is at first hesitant to trust his mistress, bewildered as to why she would be interested a simple man such as himself. Distributor: Kino International Official Website:

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