Walk This Way Pt. 1: by Chris Sheridan

Part One of the 12 min. 1997 personal documentary, Walk This Way, by Chris Sheridan. After surviving a plane crash, a young man uses humor and everyday living to adjust to life in a wheelchair. Winner Student Academy® Award, 1997; Crystal Heart Award, 1997, Sedona Film Festival, and many more.

2 Responses to “Walk This Way Pt. 1: by Chris Sheridan”

  1. Cruekay95 says:

    this was a real wake up call for me , i cried when i watched this . this was a realy wake up call . im 14 ive had a tough life still going through it , and i tend to get wn oin myself n depressed alot . im a real mess we’ll say tht . ill tell u more if ur interested .

  2. clickclopclack says:

    amazing !!!!

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