Lawnmower Wheelchair

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25 Responses to “Lawnmower Wheelchair”

  1. Dragpk7 says:

    Dead Rising 3?

  2. flamerboy18 says:

    lol is that a RAZR? LOL!

  3. MrGerryo3 says:

    thats pretty hot

  4. Tomahawkstar123 says:

    kony 2012

  5. imlevel0 says:

    Kony 2012

  6. PurpHD says:

    kony 2012

  7. MagicMan2457 says:

    @fmacraze Says the Canadian. LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. tuuhq says:

    “they see me rollin they hatin..” epic

  9. foldppl says:

    @fmacraze No need to be racist lol

  10. IrritatingRemote says:

    AKA Dead Rising 2 

  11. A1rE says:

    Hmm.. what if a cat runs in front of it… or better yet, that “Belgian Military parade thingy”

  12. Chillywig987 says:

    00:14 MOTOROLA

  13. nordor222 says:

    they see me rollin they hatin

  14. fmacraze says:

    lazy americunts…

  15. zlIWCARIlz says:

    “Fuck man, how am i supposed to waste my money on gas now that I’m in a wheelchair….wait… yeahhh thats it!”

  16. zlIWCARIlz says:

    That is the laziest and most ingenious thing I’ve ever seen.

  17. FerdieFB23 says:

    I got a 40 second ad for a 32 second video, FAIL!!

  18. MikeyDowson93 says:

    fuck the police

  19. BEASTLYDeadly says:

    @Sanetic if only jim could make this

  20. mrluvs2spooge1 says:


  21. DatsWahSheSaid says:

    he also needs to pay for gas :/

  22. jpal2cool says:

    haha u should sing more your a boss

  23. SupaDude13 says:

    *tear* I’m proud to be an American

  24. kevindatrainmasta says:

    They see me rollin’……….

  25. ktockly says:


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