LTHS Gym Class

Lockport Township High School Physical Education Class Provides Dual Lesson for Students Lockport Township High School District 205 physical education teacher Don McKillip not only is helping his students to stay physically fit this school year; he is also teaching them a lesson in life. Mr. McKillip and Stacy Sparlin, another physical education teacher at LTHS, share three students with disabilities who are confined to wheelchairs. Because these students had some difficulty competing in some of the physical education activities, Mr. McKillip decided to expand his curriculum to incorporate wheelchairs in some of them. Mr. McKillip asked the faculty and staff at LTHS to donate wheelchairs to the Physical Education Department and was contacted by LTHS mathematics teacher Robert Hughes, whose father, Roger T. Hughes, is the chairman of the Operations Committee at the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Chicago. Roger Hughes, in cooperation with the United Cerebral Palsy Association, was able to donate ten wheelchairs to Mr. McKillip and his students. As a result, LTHS students have the opportunity to compete in physical education programs while maneuvering in wheelchairs. Mr. McKillip has begun with a basketball program, but expects to expand the wheelchair use to other activities as well, such as volleyball and others. “The benefits of this program are that students who may never have sat in a wheelchair can now empathize with those who have only known life in a

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  1. 8kupkake says:

    lmao at all the mrs sparlin comments, i had her as a gym teacher

  2. stonesandbones1 says:

    cannon is way better

  3. alicja49 says:

    I’m on my mom’s account cos she doesn’t like me logging outta this, but hey, watch what you say. I mean, seriously. You’re that immature to say something THAT downright low about another person? Sparlin wasn’t that bad, you’re just a moron.

  4. bbas92 says:

    Ghey, they are in wheel chairs cause they got butt raped by that dyke so hard.

  5. dvnwnd07 says:


  6. bottemsup45 says:

    sparlin is a dike

  7. evondizzle says:

    you’re all cocksuckers.

  8. yooperchick4444 says:

    this was so much fun!!
    going to miss this gym class, good times
    loved the wheelchair basketball!

  9. TheTeenGodfather says:

    Hey, this is my period too! I am an A day.

  10. n00bOnRS says:

    just kidding i dont even know where lockport is

  11. n00bOnRS says:

    im also in the same period. is urs an A day?

  12. bullsfan419 says:

    i have him also hehe

  13. michluvshim says:

    jen! whooo! i know her!!!!!

  14. LTHSGIIRL21 says:

    I LOVE MY SKOOL,,, i am in these classes!!! awesome

  15. Finkster762 says:

    i go to to this school and mr Mc killip is my teacher also. i am in 2-3 period and play wheelchair basketball with a kid named mark and it go thim reallly involved

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