Mark Grantham – India 2005

Travelling to poverty-stricken areas of developing countries is a testing experience for most people, but for Mark Grantham, its just another challenge. Mark was born with cerebral palsy but for him, life in a wheelchair is a life of independence. For the last twenty years hes been busily fundraising to support five children he sponsors through World Vision. Three of them live in India and this story is about Marks visit to see them. Dr Matthew Farrant went with Mark as a caregiver…

3 Responses to “Mark Grantham – India 2005”

  1. tsnoopy76 says:

    @NzoneTonight Thank you very much! Do you know if it’s released or where I might be able to get a copy of it? Thanks!

  2. NzoneTonight says:

    @tsnoopy76 – Hey thanks for the comment. The song was specially written for Mark’s trip to India by David Lyle Morris. It’s called Love is stronger than life. Thanks

  3. tsnoopy76 says:

    This is an amazing man, such a giving spirit. Could you please tell me the song that is played toward the end? It’s so beautiful.

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