Ms. Wheelchair Maine Documentary | Small Adaptations

People are constantly making small changes and adaptations to their lives every day. For some people, those changes are more substantial than others. Regardless of how we adapt, we are all equal in what we can achieve; having a disability is never a reason to give up. Monica Quimby has truly embraced this way of life. “Small Adaptations” shows how she refuses to let her being in a wheelchair affect her happiness and what she can accomplish. Blue Goose contributed to Monica’s Ms. Wheelchair America fund, but wanted to do more to raise awareness for everything she is involved in. Not only is she an inspiration and advocate for people with disabilities, but her actions motivate the able-bodied community every day. “Small Adaptations” highlights Monica’s contagious personality and shows that everyone is capable of doing great things. If you have questions about Monica or the Ms. Wheelchair Maine Organization, check out her website: Find Ms. Wheelchair Maine on Facebook: To learn more about Blue Goose, visit: Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 Responses to “Ms. Wheelchair Maine Documentary | Small Adaptations”

  1. bones365247 says:

    U r goregous.. i’m in a chair myself due to a gunshot. Inspirational. Harvey Ross

  2. MyKiwinz says:

    I guess a really important thing is, that other people see u as a person and not as a disability… I have always problems with it, for example one girl wrote an characterization about me and it was all about how i cope with my disability…sry?! I think their are some more things that makes me the person who i am…but it gets out of focus…thats quite sad…

  3. natedog2004 says:

    for a woman who has been through so much you don’t seem to let your disability get you down! good for you ! if you were not in a wheel chair what would be the first thing you always wanted to do ???

  4. BlueGooseMaine says:

    Thank you! Glad you liked it!!

  5. ablehere says:

    Very good video, now its on able here

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