Nick Scott’s Journey – http Nick Scott is the foremost promoter of wheelchair bodybuilding. He is the founder and owner of the largest online wheelchair bodybuilding community, and a global promoter the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding. As a wheelchair bodybuilder he is an active part of the bodybuilding scene, having competed in 21 shows in 18 national locations since March 2006. Back in August of 1998 he was involved in an accident that forever changed his life. The left front tire on his vehicle blew out and the vehicle rolled five-and-a-half times before coming to a stop. Nick was ejected though the driver’s side window, and eventually collided with his vehicle in mid-air. The outcome of this accident was a broken back and a damaged spine at T12 L1, requiring titanium rods to be vertically bolted to his spine. Nick was diagnosed as paraplegic and told that it would be physically impossible for him to ever walk again. That day a part of him died; yet, at the same time, another part was born. What’s the one thing you gain from losing everything? Perspective. At that point it wasn’t about the glass was half-empty or half-full; Nick was just grateful to have a glass. In the beginning he used to ask himself repeatedly WHY ME? Over time he realized that he had been given the gift of a second chance and became determined to use this gift to do wonderful things. Wheelchair bodybuilding is very close to his heart because of the void it filled after

25 Responses to “Nick Scott’s Journey –”

  1. Ruzz45 says:

    MAD respect for this man.

  2. Gabbevde94 says:

    Hey man! I am in a wheelchair now. I was in a accident for 1½ year ago. My arm muscles is good and my breast muscles too. I have one question too you. How do you do to train your abs?? I’m paralyzed there.

  3. TheRickmurray says:

    What a amazing man!

  4. alessandromaiorano says:

    sei UN GRANDE ti voglio conoscere

  5. sociopathpsych says:

    Damn. Those pullups were amazing! I work in a nursing home. Those chairs aren’t light. most weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. Some, even over 100! NICE DUDE!!!

  6. THEEND123321 says:

    you dont need me or anyone to say that you can NOT! because YOU DID! GOD SPEED BROTHER!

  7. ltose says:

    What a hero. True inspiration right here, makes you look at what you complain about in your life and really put things in perspective.

  8. Matthitizidu says:

    love this

  9. ferigigi says:

    I hope you have this accident to for your comment

  10. TheBigkahuna26 says:

    Man ders always dose cunts dislikin shyt man

    I hope u niggaz loose ur hands

  11. keftyco says:

    Really great video. I’m inspired.

  12. needabloodyname says:

    shit quads

  13. mmmeijer01 says:

    A thrue bodybuilder ,a man that can not be stopped ,not by an accident not by anything .A man that will fight forever .Survivor has a sentence in their song “Burning Heart” wich sais something about this winner!

    In the warrior’s code there’s no surrender ,though his body says stop ,his spirit cries NEVER!”

    A true winner!

  14. tzoni69boy says:

    An inspiration.
    A fighter.

    A hero.

  15. 0XLilMissCX0 says:

    You are gorgeous! My husband is in a wheelchair born with spina bifida and cant walk. he has a big upperbody and huge biceps but they need toned. thanks for the inspiration. much respect to you!!

  16. AlanPeetersPL says:

    i saw him on fibo 2011 , posing , when it was done i went go to him and i said , RESPECT and i give him a big hand , he signed me a picture of him and he gived me a book . just 100% respect

  17. hatleymark says:


  18. jckhndy says:

    hey met you at the movies best wishes to you and god bless

  19. LillaSophie says:

    What i fighter. That true fighting spirit. I love to see this. Nick inspires me.


  20. FLACOS25 says:

    this is a really amazing guy never is over im t12 and i never give up if u in this condition never ever give up ,,,,,,,/…….

  21. BladeDayBreak says:

    this is trully amazing!!! O_O I’m just watching it like.. WOW what .. spirit.. what inspiration. And he looks like a great man too. I’m happy to see that in his condition he isn’t broken down. Keep it up! Never give up! U r making dreams come true in reality!

  22. LauritZenc says:

    Thanks, great video. I’d love to know how he strengthens his abs.

  23. TheLeilisa says:

    How tall are you?
    Steroids make you grow taller ?

  24. CityHunter1990 says:

    These people really want to live, we must thank those people who give us inspiration and motivation to move forward in life, and make us realize how lucky we are..BIG RESPECT!!!!

  25. tekneek03 says:

    What an incredible awesome video.. this is just purely inspiring.. seems like a nice dude too

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