Perfectly Abled: Life on Campus with a Disability

A University student with disability, Ashley Anderson, discusses the struggles of campus life in a wheelchair and misconceptions about her disability in a strikingly honest way. Filmed and Edited by Eva Andersen

8 Responses to “Perfectly Abled: Life on Campus with a Disability”

  1. Lokiana says:

    L4-L5 Para. Thanks for the uplifting video! College was certainly a challenge, and I had a manual wheelchair! I bought the wrong one my first time out, and got a heavy duty. Man was that a mistake, no traction!

  2. ToddSurfsLBCA says:

    Good video, but people use wheelchairs, they’re not “wheelchair-bound.”

  3. poppy630 says:

    Good Job Eva.(:

  4. fridawr says:

    Very well done!

  5. KennyTheQuad says:

    great vid, you’ll find a man. i’m sure as you get out and meet more ppl it will happen. there is alot of lonely able bodied ppl

  6. webarnold09 says:

    Great video and a great view of campus life from a point of view that I don’t often think of. Thanks for making it and bringing it to our attention!

  7. kmoo11 says:

    Hey Eva,

    This a great video and look into life at UNI from a different view. All around, amazing job! – Katie

  8. EvaCarolGarloff says:

    Great vid Eva!

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