Plowing Snow… the Awesome Way!!

Who needs a shovel or a snow-blower? I mean, how badly injured could you possible get with those? I suppose you could throw your back out while shoveling, or get your arm pulled into the snow blower’s blades, but who would really care? But if you break your neck falling off an ATV… that, my friend, would make you a badass. Granted, you may spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair, OR… you could make a miraculous recovery, and then you’d be congratulated for the mere act of walking into a room! Imagine the ego-boosting excitement!! Wouldn’t that make it all worthwhile? No!!?? Oh, just watch the damn video…

25 Responses to “Plowing Snow… the Awesome Way!!”

  1. 1993clb says:

    @rahuljonas yes, but obviously you won’t be able to plow as much as a 4wd

  2. 1993clb says:

    @zschelle15 polaris sucks

  3. 1993clb says:

    ur going to wreck your atv doing too much of that!!!

  4. ryancrazy1 says:

    jeez the snow is on the side of the road already!! ya dont gotta beat the shit out of it afterwards

  5. pacificdrumma says:

    need more rear weight

  6. dirtshower250 says:

    @DJK83 better then a shovel!!!

  7. 501video501 says:

    lol let me know how that treats ur pins

  8. bradlee101 says:

    the way your hitting it with the blade on the ground is how i bent my push bars .. i found having it half way down first and hit it half as fast works better then drop and stack ….. i need to make some videos maybe to explain it better

  9. windsordrywallpro says:

    doesn’t anyone realize that he was stopping suddenly every time because he was hitting the curb!!!! think about it people!!! As soon as he lifts the blade past the height of the sidewalk he can go father, he was going the wrong way, he should have been going along with the curb. that thing would do fine to plow snow a foot or deeper.

  10. zschelle15 says:

    His problem is that he dont have a Polaris!

  11. flyrock45 says:

    I was waiting for that guy to fly over the bars. Since that didn’t happen, I only give this waste of youtube bandwidth…0 stars

  12. 223gunner says:

    @rahuljonas Put on a set of tire chains! it should help from spinning out so much!

  13. rahuljonas says:

    Do you think a plow on a 1986 yamaha moto 4 is a good idea its 2wd by the ways awsome video

  14. vettet1 says:


  15. countryboyG says:

    i just plowed that much snow with my 2wd quad i didnt get far but atleast it was fun

  16. crankthatdawg says:

    my 4 wheeler would shove that easy. what size is that

  17. dkupris7 says:

    that stupid you cant plow that much snow

  18. itsnaturesway says:

    Try some tire chains, they help but will scratch driveway surfaces.

  19. nickdigg5 says:

    thats a sport utility, its 4wd so it is the best for plowing

  20. polarisxhonda says:

    haha hats awsome!

  21. yankeesrock961 says:

    awesome dude!

  22. georgehunter17 says:

    you dont need to be taught to plow u just hook it up and goo douche bag / / / /

  23. firemike550 says:

    i think the reason he sucks at plowing is because he might be using a sport utility, not good idea, awesome video tho

  24. TheDozor says:

    Its easier to say what Im not on right now, took a dive into my happybag and visited the land of OZ…, or was it just dumpsterdiving while eating weekold bananas, hmmm…..
    Im not on MSN cus the Webmessenger is fucking up at work so…, thats why Im not online, its not cus I dont want… to… talk… with… you James…
    Shit GTG “Running as fast as I can”….. —>

  25. DJK83 says:

    Hahaha!!! What are you under the influence of right now, and why aren’t you on any instant messaging programs??? 😀

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