In an era where change is measured in nano-seconds, for over five million mobility-impaired people in the developed world, little has changed since the 19th century. The sedentary wheelchair remains the standard for mobility providing limited access to the walking world, negatively impacting physical and mental health, impeding productivity and inclusion, and keeping users below eye-level. Now, Argo brings mobility face-to-face with society. ReWalk™, the first commercially viable upright walking assistive tool, enables wheelchair users with lower-limb disabilities to stand, walk, and even climb stairs. For potentially millions of wheelchair users, ReWalk delivers a new perspective on the world, on themselves, and on life. ReWalk is a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit. Partially concealable under clothing, ReWalk provides user-initiated mobility – leveraging advanced motion sensors, sophisticated robotic control algorithms, on-board computers, real-time software, actuation motors, tailored rechargeable batteries andcomposite materials. ReWalk works with users not just for them. Users walk with the assistance of crutches, controlling suit movement through subtle changes in center of gravity and upper-body movements. In addition to simplifying suit control, this user participation in mobility brings tangible health and emotional benefits. ReWalk is not just a vertical wheelchair ReWalk™ restores the element of control over mobility so lacking for wheelchair users. As

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