Roy Henson walks for Relay for Life

This video was taken from The Daily Journal website. Please visit for more information. Henson, born with Cerebral Palsy, will turn 39 on Sept. 13 and he has spent almost all of his life in a wheelchair. He got the idea for the fundraiser one day recently when he got out of that chair and walked a few steps as he wore a Relay For Life T-shirt. Hes been working out to strengthen his legs and practicing on the field ever since.He is wanting to raise $10000 for the Relay for Life by July 2009. Please help, send donations to: Mineral Area College, c/o Roy Henson, PO Box 1000, Park Hills, Mo. 63601.

9 Responses to “Roy Henson walks for Relay for Life”

  1. mdbess says:

    That looks like Debbie Portell talking at 1:55. Sooooo hot.

  2. dbaksmom says:

    Roy is such an inspiration. I admire his ability to sacrifice his own self by making himself the center of attention for the benefit of others. Plus…he’s awesome!

  3. bethany3276 says:

    he was my brothers best friend in school soive known him for a long time now

  4. uglydoll1322 says:

    Wow. He can really walk for being in w wheelchair that long!Let’s go Roy, Let’s go!

  5. heyhibyex says:

    one really amazing video, Roy.

  6. alishalovesyoux33 says:

    I love this guy, I talk to him almost everyday.
    Hes one of my friends ^_^

  7. nathanmccolloch says:

    that’s my sisters husbands cousin lol. He works at my college too. I’ve only talked to him a few times but it is obvious he has inspired many even before his walk. GO ROY

  8. mauneyfan4 says:

    I was totally there. That was at my school 🙂 It was awesome. Roy is great!

  9. lindalouhenson says:

    kick ass son

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