Scenes from a Wheelchair

Life in a Wheelchair: a boy’s journey from anger to acceptance

4 Responses to “Scenes from a Wheelchair”

  1. MrTWeissMA says:

    Why some people view a disability as a kind of separator between social equivalence and yet do not view other kinds of health-related issues such as a common hearing aid or the use of glasses in the same way is a study in social norms. The portrayals presented in this video are not only accurate and well-done, they are exceptionally honest. My one wish in relation to this video is that it would be presented to every school and university.

  2. yamomma86 says:

    It was touching. I don’t think people intend to be mean, condescending, or stupid. They just need to be taught how to show others the respect they deserve.

  3. pamro49 says:

    I love this video! It is touching and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing your very personal story.

  4. pls723 says:

    This is a really good piece. You left out one other difference: you’re a good film maker.

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