The 10 Commandments of Life in a Wheelchair

(If you have a SCI that is…) I wrote this the other night after a “lightbulb” moment… Enjoy!

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  1. rainbowlory says:

    thanks for that…… i think it was great….i will share irt on my face book….. i love to quote Ron White “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”

  2. 3willtell says:

    i lost one of my legs,so i am in a wheelchair 24/7 to. thank you for the words. never give up,never surrender.

  3. lbcray says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Would be great if you could share with us on our social network. google “pushrim” you will see “life after injury”. Take care 🙂

  4. crazypup10 says:

    I got asburgers syndrome

  5. MrLandlubba says:

    You are an inspiration. I broke my C1, C6 and C7. I am mobile but in pain all the time. I admire your strength and posative mental attitude

  6. starkneked says:

    I’m a three year paraplegic. Some folks suffer more than others due to chronic pain. Some people just aren’t strong enough to deal with adversity. Pain is sometimes a problem for me. I accept and deal with adversity. I mostly kick adversity’s ass! I don’t have or make time for depression, but I used to. I wish you the best.

  7. johnlennonfan30 says:

    I agree with the overal message of the video. At the same I cannot help but wonder why some people suffer so much more than others. No I don’t have an SCI but do suffer from severe anxiety disorder and depression…it affects every aspect of my life. Cannot help but feel jealous of others wo do not have these problems. Most people can eat in public whithout almost having a dry heave fit…I can’t.

  8. clairedelune777 says:

    People putting you down for your differences is something you should never “get used to”, because by getting used to it, you are accepting it! By fighting back, you can make the able-bodied community “get used to” the fact that you are in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t make you different than anyone else.

  9. clairedelune777 says:

    As a wheelchair user myself, I fully understand the struggles. However, when people challenge you or don’t include you in things, the proper response is not to insult them or say “they suck”. You need to fight back. Life with a disability sucks a lot less if you can work to change people’s minds about accessibility & other disability issues.

  10. landth78 says:

    Omg I absolutely love u

  11. rebiggs says:

    Tiff, you are a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman! I am also a C5/6 quad and appreciate your POV. Love you 🙂

  12. ktremmy says:

    Boy you must have been in my brain, because that is how I have always thought.
    You can be miserable or just get on with it !! I & obviously you have chosen to get on with it.
    C-5/C-6 when I was 16 – I am now 44

  13. yidneth says:

    you’re such a determined brilliant gorgeous girl! 🙂
    came trhough the make up tutorial (i’m a mess at make up) and as i said, since laby boards I got used to the static avatar… and yay it’s cool to see you moving on video !! 🙂
    regards from Spain!

  14. blobby1972 says:

    when people stare at me i wait till they are not looking find some were to hide and then stare at them intencely then when they notice i smile and say uncomfortable isn’t it then cackle like a banchi

  15. MJstillCRAZY says:

    thank you I was searching you tube for something I didnt kno what a video touched me, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. I’m a level T8 Para.

  16. neomex54 says:

    Nice job!!! I am a C-5/C-6 can’t do that…I have been a quad for 6 years look my videos i take terapy in cuba

  17. gitz7v says:

    commandment number 3, i think people should stare at you because youre beautiful. 😀 We’re all people here. Its harder for some, and easier for others, but we all strive, and we are all beautiful. I dated a girl who was on her way to life in a wheelchair. I carried her around. I wrote her a song. “You Wont Need Feet if I Make You Wings”. Lol, she cheated on me. Hahaha. Oh, its true. 🙂 ANYWAYS! Everyone should love everyone! FLINT MICHIGAN TROPICS!!!

  18. YT28666 says:

    Well done video with lots of good ideas. I am an incomplete C4/5 quad since 1976.

  19. shawnmowens says:

    i have been in a chair my whole life
    i’m 29 with CP

  20. thursdaysrecords says:

    Your physical disability is clearly not your actual handicap. Obnoxious disposition is a much bigger problem a sad and lonely minority is suffering from.

  21. happycrip says:

    Try not to take it too personally sunshine, I know I don’t.

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