Tufty Public Info Film

This Is Video #268, Bernard Cribbins narrates the story of how young woodland creatures should always get their mothers to accompany them when going for an ice-cream. Because of the target audience, we are spared the graphic details of the accident – the action happens behind the van. Tufty was such a hit with the kids that he quickly got his own organisation, the Tufty Club. Willy Weasel wasn’t so lucky and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

8 Responses to “Tufty Public Info Film”

  1. nettledned says:

    @spacebats no mate thats wrong, it’s at that age that fears are put into u that u will have to overcome or never feel like a man. it’s all about pecking order and they want u scared cos fear whats keeps it all afloat.

    i’m in the tufty club and remember who all the bad people were. one teacher in particular i’d like to get my hands on but it’s so long ago.

  2. AssassinJordi says:

    Or Willy could’ve used his brain and looked if there were any cars coming before he walked across the street.

  3. spacebats says:

    What are you talking about? It’s pretty much impossible to patronise 3 year olds. Anything like this helps.

  4. HumanSayNo says:

    Silly Willy Weasel, he should have asked his mummy to come with him!

  5. Cool2BCeltic says:

    Well intentioned but was patronising even in the 70s. Wouldn’t dare show it to today’s kids.

  6. blazzwobbler says:

    so did i

  7. afterthetone says:

    me too

  8. TalynFilms says:

    i belonged to the tufty club

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