Wheel chair

Life In a wheel chair
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8 Responses to “Wheel chair”

  1. littlebabysmomma says:

    You said before that you knocked over four things accidently, my son is at the age where he does it on purpose! Little guy is a terror <3

    We've been struggling with the bathroom thing though, that has to be the most difficult thing though for him to not only get his own pants off but also manuever over to the toilet. I'm not really sure about any other options out there for this though, that's one thing I can't see how they could make easier 🙁

  2. nitro1277 says:

    life sucks and then you move on

  3. paoiitiipao says:

    What’s the song’s name? Like it 😀

  4. lcon3 says:

    I live this life everyday nice video.

  5. MJstillCRAZY says:

    hell yeah it hard in most places to just get around. I been in a wheelchair since summer of 1992. It totally sucks. But I got to do it. IT HELPS TO BE STRONG WILLED & HAVE A WAY WITH WORDS.

  6. psychomannen says:

    I use a wheelchair alot. Cus my friend is in one. Im not in one btw. luckely where i live, its not a problem to get around using a wheelchair. And i live way outside the city. But in Norway

  7. benisme2021 says:

    yea it sucks to an incredible degree

  8. GLElite says:

    That was great you did that. I think everyone should use a wheelchair for a day. I am in one (have been for 3 years) and it is just like that!

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