Wheelchair Accessible Truck

This truck belongs to my friend James.
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12 Responses to “Wheelchair Accessible Truck”

  1. honkytonk2010 says:

    That is so cool.

  2. furtheroptions says:

    We hope you’re happy with this and that it works for you forever!

    Have you seen what we have to offer? Just wondering.


  3. Cmon199 says:

    I dare you to play this song in your car really loud every time you get out of the truck. That would be awesome!

  4. smoker351 says:

    thats pimp shit, i want it

  5. BennyD242423 says:

    Man that truck is awesome! I would love to get a truck like that! How do I go about doing that and what is the cost for the conversion?

  6. ivevic says:

    They can my friend has one and he is missing both his legs from when he was in Iraq

  7. sliqnes says:

    can you give me info on where he got this modified?

  8. sliqnes says:

    i wonder if an expedition or ford flex can be modified?

  9. 1flamerz says:

    That’s a sweet ride.

  10. lnterview says:

    wow that’s pretty cool lol

  11. Numian says:


  12. Nickn00bify says:

    That is so awesome! Very time consuming though! : )

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