wheelchair frontflip

a front flip on a wheelchair… impossible, right?
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20 Responses to “wheelchair frontflip”

  1. gabybonano says:

    aaron, why hasnt anyone strapped a go pro to your helmet?! that would be a bad ass thing to see.

  2. disorderJAPAN says:

    You´re my idol in things like that^^

  3. Donjuanthesecond says:

    You legend

  4. PhilipHededam says:

    last song???

  5. bowndrs says:

    ur an amazing rolemodel!!!!!

  6. 3rdSucksMoreThen2nd says:

    Sick this guy is just awesome made the impossible happen give a hand to this guy

  7. CrazyBoyGary says:

    Absolutely amazing!!!!

  8. jackrabbit5kxc says:

    damn dude aint got nothing on hahaha! i thought i had a huge truck but you still out did me in that category . lol keep on setting records!!

  9. dalek05 says:

    sure was mate, what a freak right?

  10. flozano2002 says:


  11. ebaysutube says:

    Congrats bro!!! You nailed it!

  12. xneverwalkalonex says:

    This guy is half my age but has become a major inspiration for me, not least because we have the same condition. He’s made me think just about anything is possible. some stuff isnt easy to achieve, it takes time, but it is possible.

    The mans made me get off my butt (not literally obviously, couldnt stand if my life depended on it) and do something, Trying to get work in the disability industry in the more active independent side of it. and seeing the things he does is a major reason why.

  13. PluripotentBrain says:

    wowwwwww unreal

  14. MarkB701 says:

    As a chair user…this is….amazing…!!! 

  15. KendoTraceur says:

    Awansome man!! Impossible is nothing!!

  16. YouCanadian says:


  17. silistylefly says:

    wheelz is my hero for all time !

  18. Sk8orNoJESUSorDie says:

    Caramba arrepiei !!!

  19. wheelieshinobi84 says:

    You’re a beast

  20. joshieportz says:

    soooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood

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