Find Your Mobility – Use a Manual Wheelchair

The Manual Wheelchair is seen as the all time greatest breakthrough in providing mobility to a great number of people in the society who, until now, were unable to move around because of their various disabilities.

They are made to be used by old people, the handicapped or just by people with special needs and requirements. This is why they vary from the pediatric, travel, folding with detachable footrest and even custom made wheelchairs that are made according to some very special individual requirements. All of these are found in the Manual Wheelchair category in the market. You need to know exactly what your needs are before you go out to get one of your own.

A folding Manual Wheelchair is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.  Very high quality material is used for high strength and durability. The aluminum ones are lightweight for easy transportation.

The folding ones can come with foldable frames, a detachable footrest or armrest for easy use when transferring a person from a bed to a wheelchair. They can be the pediatrics type that are required by patients and are mostly used in hospitals.  They are made of aluminum, stainless steel pipes or the MS steel pipe.

Travel Manual Wheelchairs use similar materials and parts as the ones above and must be made available in the total weight of less than 11kgs. This is because of traveling purposes as well as indoor use or in narrow places.

Commode Manual Wheelchairs are especially made for the aged and physically challenged for indoor toilet use.  Made with the same lightweight quality material as the ones above, they are suitable for both western and Indian toilets.

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