Different Mobility Aids on the Market Today

Do you have trouble getting around but not to the point of needing a motorized wheelchair? Or maybe you need some sort of aid to get up and get a drink of water or some other small task. There are a number of mobility aids out there to lend assistance under these circumstances. You could use a walking frame or walking stick aka cane to help get you where you need to go with little or no effort.

There are a wide variety of mobility aids available to assist you with these smaller tasks around the house or when your out getting some exercise. Lets take a look at a few:

Walking Frames and Canes

  • An absolute must have for anyone in need of assistance when moving around is a walking frame or cane. Using one of these will take pressure off the body while lending assistance when it comes to short trips across the yard or the kitchen. You’ll also get the benefit of exercise as you’ll be on your feet moving around. Exercise is an important part of your day and if you have the opportunity to get some exercise while using a mobility aid such as a walking stick or cane then you should do it. It’s good for the mind and body.

Mobility Scooters

  • A mobility scooter is electric and requires no manual operation. There is typically a steering wheel very much like a bicycle and a basket to help carry things making them especially helpful when shopping. They are lighter and easier to transport as well as less expensive. The purpose of the mobility scooter is a little different than that of the motorized wheelchair in that it is more for temporary travel and not as comfortable if you have an extend trip to take.

Manual Wheelchair

  • Sometimes an electric wheelchair is just too much for the task at hand, in comes the manual wheelchair. Available in a number of configurations and styles such as the standard wheelchair, the lightweight wheelchair , and the pediatric wheelchair. If a walking aid such as a walking frame or cane is not an option then a manual wheelchair is the way to go!

I hope this article shed some light on the different types of mobility aids available to assist you in day to day life. Just because you have problems with mobility doesn’t mean there are not some tools out there to help you along the way.

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