Motorized Wheelchair Medical Policies

This is a typical insurance providers policy on qualifying for a motorized wheelchair. The information here is based heavily on the policies of Wellmark Inc. but are common amongst most insurance providers. Description: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is equipment that can withstand repeated use, is primarily used for a medical purpose, and is generally not […]

Is a Mobility Scooter Right for You?

When choosing a new mobility scooter there are a few things you should consider. Take into account your current physical limitations and what you limitations in mobility may be like in a year or two. You may be limited to the type of mobility scooter by your ailment so you should talk with your doctor […]

Why Use a Transport Wheelchair

With all the different styles of wheelchair available you may ask yourself, why would anyone opt for a transport wheelchair? Let’s look at the reason for being in a wheelchair in the first place. There are a number of different injuries or ailments that would require the assistance a wheelchair can provide. The mobility provided […]

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