A Variety of Wheelchair Lifts for Your Needs

Wheelchair Lifts are available as carriers for all types of wheelchairs.  They vary from internal and external vehicle, residential and commercial platforms to portable platforms.  The selection is wide and it will all depend on your particular needs.

Internal Mobility Lifts come as a type of Wheelchair Lifts. They are designed to carry or lift the manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, or mobility scooter which you had been using, into your motor vehicle for further transportation.  They mainly resemble a crane but some have platforms which are capable of reaching the ground outside your vehicle. This will allow you to easily move onto the platform and load at the touch of button.

Residential Vertical Wheelchair Lifts are made to lift wheelchairs and mobility scooters up to very high levels: they can go up to an unbelievable height of to 12 feet inside or outside the homes.  They can be made to any specified size, making them suitable for individual needs and to be able to fit in whatever kind of building.  It is best suited for people with unique requirements. It comes already wired and made to last long as it is almost maintenance free and very safe around the house.  Some have constant pressure platform control, grab rails and emergency stop platform controls.  In the case of the lower access ramp, there are the automatic folding ones you can use.

Whatever your need, you can always approach this from the angle of customized wheelchair lifts which can be made to suit the specifications required.  You can also have some portable platforms for easy mobility.

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