Electric Wheelchairs- types and benefits

There is a great variety of Electric Wheelchairs that have been recently introduced with increased power, versatility and convenience to today’s users. They have also been fitted with special gadgets that are unique to each type.  You can now go shopping for these items knowing that there is enough guidance and information to help you make the best selection to suit your own needs.

  • Folding Electric Wheelchairs: generally referred to as Electric Wheelchairs possibly due to their popularity, versatility, durability and transportability, serving as full-time mobility devices for its user. Seating is adaptable and can take pressure-management cushions, full-coverage armrests and highly supportive backrest additions. They come with larger rear drive wheels with speeds of up to 6 mph that can perform well on outdoor pavements and even on packed streets.  Note that they do require some strength in dissembling and folding. They are not suitable for very rough terrain and ultra-compact use for extreme maneuverability, nor are they suitable for utmost transportability.
  • Geo Travel Electric Wheelchairs: often called the Drive Geo Travel Power Wheelchair. It is a very affordable wheelchair that has been made for both indoor and outdoor use.  It is standard and has an adjustable footplate, anti-tippers and a comfortable seat that can be shifted with flip back arms.
  • Center Drive Electric Wheelchairs are able to provide you with a smooth, intuitive ride over any rough terrain and can do tight corners or turns with ease.  A powerful performer, it is preferred by sports people because its center-drive wheel position allows it to do twists and turns at great speed. It is compact, rugged and tough as well as durable.

Travel Electric Wheelchairs pass as the most compact mobility device in this category. They are not only made for portability but are also designed to fit in compact spaces like small apartments, shopping malls, on cruise ships, and in airports.

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