4 second video

World strongest redneck gets robbed by man in wheelchair but deals with it his own way. www.americanrednecksociety.com MAIN CHANNEL SUB www.youtube.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER twitter.com
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25 Responses to “4 second video”

  1. SuperRorylewis says:

    this was done on iphone app lol

  2. mihapek1 says:

    epic 100th video 🙂
    gratz Steve!

  3. Motherbleepers2 says:

    I have that app,and I just realised the worlds strongestredneck subscribes to me

  4. TrueCSmokeG says:

    hahaha “What are ya doin come back here!” that is so hilarious, keep these funny vids comin Steve!! 😀

  5. flippyandflaky says:

    That was just wonderful.

  6. alexmacdonald419 says:

    Congrats on 100th video

  7. MPBELLdeanca says:

    every video he posted has made me piss my self

  8. QuickSilver1997 says:

    Longest Video Ever

  9. GreekyZone says:

    i think he should of took the rocket launcher, intead.

  10. TheSecuritysix says:

    I was feeling depressed then I watched this, thank you steve for making me laugh

  11. rebelgabriel4308 says:

    HA HA HA HA That was good :))

  12. MrTommytucker56 says:

    Got the biggest fright… Then laughed my arse off….. lolol

  13. Rayzerzgun says:

    dang dude. i didn’t expect the loud rocket. you got me good. keep on doing what you do. it’s always funny. 🙂

  14. Yoshibear1998 says:


  15. broccolinig says:

    This is an App called action movie fx.

  16. Redneck3141 says:

    the 4 who disliked this vid got hit with some of them rockets too haha lol

  17. blacksmither1 says:

    thats how i deal with my problems too! my sheels are to expensive though,how much were yours?

  18. toshkatabg says:


  19. LordMogcaa says:

    I know this app:) a car is chrashlanded in our school’s aula 😉

  20. MrSlowestD16 says:

    That made me “lol” – completely unexpected. Thx!

  21. TOILETSMELLER13 says:

    This is an app. I have it, it’s awesome!!!

  22. Radske100 says:


  23. TheFinnflash says:

    I thought you use wrenches shotguns and boye knives…

  24. perseuspegaso says:

    keep up ma man

  25. the3rdmuskateer says:

    well that was unexpected

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