CWP-How Do I Drive my Wheelchair

In this video I answer the question, “How do you drive your wheelchair?”
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11 Responses to “CWP-How Do I Drive my Wheelchair”

  1. DAKamputee2 says:

    shes hot *-*

  2. cara mella says:

    there is a little boy who needs the same kind of chair, he has no arms but have legs. where can we find a wheelchair like yours? thank you.

  3. FolkRock2009 says:

    Hey ,Pauline, please make more videos of what you do with your feet. Because they are really cute 😉 I like them a lot!

  4. Sanjay Parmar says:

    how do you eat??????????????????????

  5. lady0fdarkness says:

    You’re beautiful. :)

  6. TheGreatTed says:

    Incredible! What a strong will you have.

  7. hahajipsi says:

    Ewww, gross toenails. Get on cutting those, babe!

  8. MarkM7111 says:

    Hi Pauline. Thank you for that, you are an inspiration to every one! 

  9. cohuma says:

    This just goes to show how different perspectives of the same thing can be so different.
    Confined vs Freedom
    I wish you well in accomplishing your goal.

  10. xoforeverwithlove says:

    Do you drive a car?

  11. FolkRock2009 says:

    Your foot is really cute

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