Wheelchair Accessible Home

This video shows the modifications made during the construction of my home to make it wheelchair accessible.
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23 Responses to “Wheelchair Accessible Home”

  1. MrIHateWinter says:

    ok well first of all im in a wheelchair myself so i do know what would and would not work for me…..there were many facets of that house that would not work for me as an individual. That is MY experience…..you dont have to agree with it

  2. urkyle11 says:

    oh jeez MrIHateWinter i dont see you building a house damn go and do it first then come and complain
    thanks blackpearlsv6 learned a lot

  3. Blindmanwalking2 says:

    Nice home! Shows a lot of good ideas people who use wheelchairs and others could use

  4. chamjoa says:

    Oh, help me Please. I need to get that wheelchair for an old man in Argentina.
    I am in San Diego. How can I get it and send it to him. I will pay for it.

  5. bassbugg7 says:

    well who is this then, and why didnt you post this there? nice house. I think you did a good job on the video too. 

  6. TheGemoChamp says:

    im also T9!!! high five!! haha

  7. mikesrandomstuff78 says:

    Search: Macy’s proposal NYC

  8. gatortail20 says:

    oh sorry man, Glad to see u still on the move, is there a website for where u got that electric shift for ur crotch rocket?

  9. blackpearlv6 says:

    I was in a motorcycle accident in Sept 2009. I’m a T1 complete.

  10. blackpearlv6 says:

    It’s the building company’s name.

  11. blackpearlv6 says:

    Yes, I am actually. 🙂

  12. bassbugg7 says:

    are you a care cure member? care cure community is an online community for people with sci.
    I posted your video there.

  13. Twitching2011 says:

    i really love your house, i really impressed with ramp and wheelchair-friendly toilet and bathroom you have, amazing video make more!

  14. Viktorsiable says:

    What is a dominion home?

  15. gatortail20 says:

    hey man im a paraplegic also im a T9 T10 level from an atv accident in October 09′, if u dont mind me asking what Happened, and what level r u, thanks

  16. gatortail20 says:

    dude no one cares, its not ur house, and the person that gets close enough to the edge to tip over deserves not supposed to be that close to an edge

  17. casiopeablue says:

    Hi brian . I think you are a great designer because you keep it easy. and really thank you for your video. Big hugs

  18. 90nyenye says:

    Hi Brian,Thank you for all your videos very educational your house is fantastic you have thought of everything well done keep those videos coming, all the best Brian your awesome you rule…..Carter from Ottawa Canada

  19. archery1973 says:

    Brian…..do you know the brand and model of your kitchen sink? I’m modeling my kitchen after yours and I need one not so deep and with drain in back.

  20. Robert Lamb says:

    The thing I liked about your house is the simple addition of the pull handle on the garage door into the house. Awesome idea!

  21. QuicKtODoMeShoT says:

    checkout my channel for some wheelchair greatness! thanks :)

  22. epicskittles100 says:

    if you cant feal you ur butt then why care if its hard?

  23. epicskittles100 says:

    how do you put you pants on? not tryin to be mean but i really wanna know!

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