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  1. cowgirljessie222 says:

    Brought here by Cowboy Militia!
    You seem like a very amazing guy!
    Reminds me of my uncle. He’s paralyzed from his waist down but still rides harleys

  2. nick7122 says:

    thanks man.

  3. jomolephilip says:

    i am a T-12, wow so good to see you doing all these wonderful things..

  4. itswhatpushesU says:

    I am a T-6 incomplete.(2006) Had to rod ,pin and screw & fuse my spine together.I rode a harley, 4wheeler, ran Fire/Rescue,even drove a tractor on the farm. Some of the things you did on the video made me think maybe I can do of the things I love again. YOU WERE AN INSPIRATION TO ME! THANKS DUDE!

  5. lbcray says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Would be great if you could share with us on our social network for sci’s . google “pushrim” you will see “life after injury”. Take care 🙂

  6. joshuamcfadden says:

    have you ever given much thought into playing wheelchair rugby?

  7. fronttofakie says:

    your an inspiration to millions around the world. thank you. stay strong

  8. sambnra says:

    WoW Nick ,So glad you called me tonite! I don’t know what to say, But Our Lord Is a Good God!! Much Grace is upon your life. We’ll be in touch re/Cody….SAM

  9. pix4434 says:

    KEEP THE POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Dosha and Max are awesome and obviously love their owner! Keep on riding the horses and you will improve your balance. The comments that you have at the end of your video are VERY true!

  10. vally0cat says:

    im in a wheelchair but i dont like to think im confined,or stuck or for that matter even in a wheelchair. i hores ride i love it. and i have an asitnt dog wich i love because it can go to school. so do think your disalbed because your not. and try to ayrm crawl. it really fun to try new thigs think of it that why not disabled. i have so many freinds, they do not look at me and see my whellchair, they see my freedom. i do gym class, i do track as a school sport i have been told no but i dont care

  11. ionutk9 says:

    man i wish i could do all those stuff i have same problems as u i’m stuck in a wheelchair and psychologically i’m in a blur at this time in life i can’t find more ways to enjoy life it’s like my mind refuses to enjoy anything

  12. Dumble93 says:

    thats a proof that you can have a great life anyways if you are sitting in a wheelchair. keep up the good work man:)

  13. WillAct2Eat says:

    Who says us kids in chairs cant do what everyone else does, in fact, I think we can do more. You rock for putting this up for those AB (able bodied) people to see!

  14. nick7122 says:

    thanks guys

  15. Skipholiday says:

    Your an inspiration to many.
    Great work Nick..

  16. caigadressage says:

    amazing video (amazing animals)

    You ride horses! You have no idea how excited I was at that (horses are my life)They are such healing animals “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”

  17. flipperdiver says:

    I have heard about you and ride at Wind Rock sometimes in my rail buggy. I was in a chair for a short time following a wreck and back surgeries. I adopted something similar to your motto in ways. Mine is I refuse to grow up therefore I will never grow old and will never die. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from what you truly want to do. I hope to meet you some day up on the Mountain, love to ride with you and talk with you.


  18. Mercing1 says:

    Cool Video Nick.
    Hope we can get together at W/Rock again soon.

  19. BiggBaddBubba says:

    hey GREAT vid lil bubba… but there’s only one thing I see wrong with it…. “I thought I was your best buddy”… HANG IN THERE BUBBA… YOU AINT DONE YET.

  20. sirsellalot1964 says:

    Nicks the real deal ! Keep on riding bro ! See ya at WR ! KQ700

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