Life in a Wheelchair: The Ian DiFalco Story

Ian DiFalco has suffered a BB gun shot to the knee and needed to use a wheelchair. To make him feel better his friends (slaves) took him to 7 eleven for an ice cream. This is their adventure, and this is Life in a Wheelchair: The Ian DiFalco Story

13 Responses to “Life in a Wheelchair: The Ian DiFalco Story”

  1. soccergirl864 says:

    HI KEVIN!! THIS IS SALLY!! u shouldv let Ian roll down the hill @ SHongum.. (u know, the path)

  2. dd333228 says:

    Only boys would do something like this..

  3. peeps1011 says:

    But in any case, where are you from?

    Who knows, you might be my long lost cousin or something!

  4. xokrissesingerxo says:

    my last name is DiFalco too

  5. InsertFeelingsHere says:

    omgosh i wanna shoot something at you!!

  6. peeps1011 says:

    And Now It’s Not! It’s In A Cup In My Room!

  7. peeps1011 says:

    Hey! Just if anyone cares (No one does), the BB is still in my knee!

  8. XxDubbleMxX says:

    1:46 Devon reads the title of the video 4 us.

  9. XxDubbleMxX says:

    wow ian, your life is tough, its not easy to be in a wheel chair tapped up with duct tape against ur will. But the whole slave army must be nice.

  10. XYZ2theTY says:


  11. Blakened117 says:

    LOL the end was funny

  12. SuperRocheMan says:

    that was awsome

  13. amaznazn1nvazn says:

    that is pimed out with spinners and everything

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