Life’s Too Short – Ricky introduces Warwick

A little behind-the-scenes look at filming on Ricky Gervais’ and Stephen Merchant’s new comedy series, Life’s Too Short, starring Warwick Davis. Coming later this year on BBC2 and HBO.

25 Responses to “Life’s Too Short – Ricky introduces Warwick”

  1. Noedish says:

    I am dave! yognaught

  2. Ruth-Elizabeth Page says:

    I love Warwick Davies, and he’s SO good in this series – his comedy timing is amazing. I much preferred Life’s Too Short to Extras; hope they do another series. x

  3. TheAbsorbant says:

    Willow is a great movie. One of my favourite Val Kilmer roles.

  4. ZuvioxArts says:

    haha all you hear is “stab him” at the end :P

  5. RealRecogniseReal091 says:

    When is series 2 coming?

  6. RagdollRalph says:

    He sure likes to do these awkward interviews doesn’t he 😀
    Oh bless him!
    Hope he gets as big a role as Dinklage has gotten now, he sure does deserve it.

  7. Valerie Quarles says:

    Totally thought of “call me elf, ONE more time…” (:

  8. CookieCreamCrumble says:

    he should have mentioned harry potter o.0

  9. LaughingTelevision says:

    Very funny. I love Ricky

  10. dings215 says:

    I lol’d at the Time Bandits bit.

  11. RaisedByGiraffes101 says:

    I cracked up when everyone started shouting ‘fight fight fight fight’ especially Stephen Merchant in his little black hat whacking the table :’)

  12. Kathilisi says:

    Willow was great, but I’m guessing fewer people know Willow than Star Wars. However, in this scene, I believe he mentions the Ewok first for comedic purposes (and I’m sure Ricky is only pretending he’s never heard of Willow), and he completely fails to mention the Harry Potter movies for the same reason. 😉

  13. theinfideluk says:

    I’m a convert this series is amazingly funny! Better than Extras and I like how Gervais finally takes the piss outa himself too 🙂 About time..

  14. BlackGabriel1 says:

    Willow is one of my favorite fantasy and or just all around movies ever. Can’t believe he brings up being an ewok before that lol

  15. Jennifer Miles says:


  16. BlueMoonz55 says:

    Hahahah Steve was the one in the black hat pounding the table XD

  17. MaximumKahnage says:

    you the man Warwick, I loved willow I just recently read the sequel… holy shit its dark and hardcore, really kool. Still haven’t found a copy of the final book yet though =(

  18. TheGroucho66 says:

    Indeed. The other day I was at the bus stop and two teenage girls were chatting. One said “Oh, on the way here, there were a load of flowers on the corner of my road surrounded by candles and photos of a local guy from the school…and there are LOADS of people mourning” and the other responded “Loads? Ha, LOL”. ???

  19. 3234718 says:

    I send and receive probably a few hundred work emails every day and people are LOL-ing things that aren’t even supposed to be funny. It’s aggravating.

  20. TheGroucho66 says:

    Perhaps they was doing some sort of meta-ironic surrealistic joke….although I accept if he do consider that, we’d be in serious danger of overestimating them.

  21. TheGroucho66 says:

    “STAB HIM!”

  22. shadowman2192 says:

    I know its just comedy but I can’t help feeling sorry for Warwick Davis and how mean they are to him sometimes.

  23. TheFreakMelanie says:

    He should have mentioned Harry Potter!!! 🙁

  24. depture says:

    If this was real life He’d totally mention his roles in Harry Potter.

  25. toolworks says:

    “This little fuckin’ loser!”

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