Life’s Too Short- School Scene

The most awkward moment in the world. There’s a few more funny clips of Life’s Too Short on my channel by the way.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Life’s Too Short- School Scene”

  1. calumwantsmusic says:

    “GAYY!” lol!!

  2. RSUN2012 says:

    That serves him, with his entitled feeling of superiority. Oh, I am in a wheelchair & paralyzed from the neck down, so afford me the pass of doing whatever it’s I would like to do. Dumbass!

    Haha I kid of course. Hey, maybe Warwick can have him arrested as well. LOL

    Hilarious show & his assistant is funny. She is cute to boot with her silliness. 🙂

  3. mx mxer says:


  4. Acexwanderer says:

    Is that Daish Daish Daish?

  5. trouper1127 says:

    Absolutely hilarious. Warwick’s reaction is golden. Well done

  6. TheBoltoner says:

    Warwick Davis, comedy genius, along with Ricky n Steve. Best comedy since max and Paddy

  7. LHR90101 says:

    omg cant bilieve iv never seen this.; brb going to watch the whole series now

  8. assassinoco54 says:

    Lol when I found this a couple of months ago people were all like “it was funny until the tear” and shit, now everyones like lol I just shat myself laughing

  9. safetosaydontquoteme says:

    When it showed him crying I lost my shit.

  10. NMbluestormtothemax says:

    Ricky Gervais is a comedy god.

  11. 63Poonie says:

    Wow. Only Ricky & Stephen could pull this one off. Brilliant.

  12. radesingel says:

    thanks for explaining dude!

  13. OwnageScorp says:

    Warwicks face… Oh God.

  14. Marco Moura says:

    muitooooo foda…

    é isso ai, a deficiência está na sociedade que transforma as pessoas em A-normais

  15. chrono4203 says:

    Of course but its more about the awkwardness of the situation. Not expecting him to be disabled, and so severely.

  16. kingofburnttoast says:

    does that really happen in schools in england, do kids just pick on the one kid who got in trouble. i’m not ruling out that one disabled kid, i mean any kid in general

  17. gurraglad says:

    this is genius..

  18. TheMikesc15 says:

    @ozena52 dude its comedy. .. u dont have to take THAT seriously

  19. TheReal6Emil9 says:


  20. sparkyinbath says:

    Gervais is a genius at using disableds in comedy.

  21. Ryimozz says:

    Doesn’t matter if he’s disabled or not. That was pretty disgusting to making fun of him (Specificly out of hate)

  22. AlcarValarion says:

    Fucking brilliant.

  23. cole ballmann says:

    i was not expecting that, lolol

  24. pho3nix1999 says:


  25. Fondellify says:

    No, it doesn’t. In order for this scene to make us seem like the judgemental ones it would have to assume that we knew that the troll was handicapped before Warwick insulted him. Not only that, but you can’t be judgemental against someone just by generically insulting them back. Warwick’s insults weren’t directed at someone who was handicapoped. They were directed at someone who insulted him first, wheelchair or not.

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