Lydia Stanley. A woman walks after 23 yrs. in wheelchair.

They say that if you worship God he will show up. You will see a 12 yr. old girl who was born dead but the doctors and nurses brought her back to life. She ended with Cerebral Palsy and, getting healed. As time went on she got better and better. “I am not saying to give up on Doctors, for Doctors are Healers.” A prophet from Ghana came to Lydia Stanley’s parents, who were also preachers, he came to them before she was born and said that her mother would have the baby she was praying for, she could not have children for years. Lydia Stanley talks about Miracles in Mobile, Al. She was hand picked by God to lead worship and she will teach you how your home and even your physical body can be so filled with God’s Glory! Want to learn more? Listen to Lydia Stanley’s in-depth 5-day radio interview with Sid on his website

6 Responses to “Lydia Stanley. A woman walks after 23 yrs. in wheelchair.”

  1. dolores121859 says:

    oh my gosh this is out standing! wow wow ! God your so good

  2. wwefan587 says:

    Thank you for posting I absolutely adore Lydia and she is incredibly anointed and I cant do anything but Praise God for the incredible healings. The one thing I dont like is Sid Roth interrupts her constantly.

  3. ilirod7 says:

    @soulsingingduo Glory to God!!!! I rejoice with you!! Not a doubt that’s my Jesus you’re talking about 😀

  4. rachie690 says:

    @soulsingingduo -Amen! Glory! YES NO OTHER NAME that has the power to do creative miracles!!! am so glad and i rejoice for u!!! be blessed and enjoy everyday of ur life!!!

  5. rachie690 says:

    I wachted it this morning while getting ready for work & how awesome is our God! i’m so greatful to God for the bay revival and Lydia Stanley….oh and also Sid Roth for his the wonderful show! it really uplifts my spirit and takes me even more closer to God to see how the Lord uses His children! I belive w/o a shadow of a doubt that very soon the Lord will open the double doord of heaven and pour out His Spirit over me & all of us who are yearning for it!!! Amen!

  6. soulsingingduo says:

    Thanks for posting this undeniable miracle caught on film in Alabama on YouTube. I had a brain tumor come out of my head in April 2010 by nothing other than using the Name of Jesus Christ. No other Name has ever made the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, every sickness/disease/sorrow/pain flee, nor the lame walk. Therefore I believe what I know because I’ve been there and because God(Christ John 1:1-14) loved me and everyone else first. Thanks for your innocent blood Jesus.

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