Oh My Jonas (A Jemi Story) Episode 60 -Story-

-The Next Day Skye Still Isn’t Feeling Very Well But Joe Thinks It’d Be Best To Get The Twins Out Of The House For Some Fresh Air For A While, So Demi Meets Up With Selena, Doug, Tyler & Amy In The Park With Josh & Sean- Selena: *Runs and hugs Demi* Hey! Is Skye feeling any better? *Walks with Demi to the bench and sits down in between her and Doug* Demi: *Shrugs* She’s the same as yesterday so Joe wanted me to take the boys out so they’re not cooped up inside a germ filled house. *Sees Doug and smiles* Hey Doug! Doug: *Chuckles* Hello! *Takes Selena’s hand again* So, what exactly is wrong with her? Demi: *Sighs* God knows, I just hope she’s okay within a few more days. Nothing we do seems to be helping! If she’s not feeling any better by tomorrow we’re gonna take her to the Doctors. How are Ty and Amy? *Selena points to two kids in the play area playing with complete strangers* Who the Hell are they? Selena: *Shrugs* I don’t know but whenever we come here, they seem to be here! Their names are Aaron and Chloe apparently. They seem to be really close but… oh well. *Smiles at Demi* Demi: *Gets what she means* Fine! Who do you want? *Rolls the stroller closer to them* Actually, can you have Sean? Josh is asleep! Selena: *Smiling* Yeah, whatever. *Gets passed Sean and cradles him in her arms* He is so sweet! He’s got your eyes, Dems. Demi: *Laughs* How can you tell?! Firstly he’s only a month old and secondly me and Joe both have brown eyes! *Doug goes off to play with

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  1. xxRoxtheVioletxx says:

    STORY TIME!!! lolz i swear im a five year old at heart!

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  3. cookycritic says:

    omg omg omg! i wanna hear the story!!

  4. annisagirl11 says:


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