The life of a Jonas Sister Chapter 11

Sadie’s Point of veiw Finally I’m Home!!! I feel much better at home. I feel I can try to be me again. Though it still doesn’t feel right. I’m Not sure if it ever will. I’m also trying adapt to my new life in a wheelchair. You can’t even imagine how hard it is to go from being able to run and skip and dance and then be told you will never walk again. It sounds horilbe “You will never walk again”. But what can I do. Nothing . I haven’t got any choice I’ve gotta get used to it.I’ve got my whole life to get used to it. Some Days I wake up and and I can’t even find a reson to get out of bed and other days I wake up and I don’t even think about it, I just get on with it. EVERYTHING is a challenge now. Everything. Even just normal things that you do without thinking, sudenly become so much more challenging. Things like going up and down the stairs. Since I’ve come home we have had to fit one of those electric chair things so I can go upstairs and downstairs. And I have to have 2 wheelchairs, 1 at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. Today is Saturday and tomorow is my birthday. I’m Going to be 12. It still dosn’t seem that old. I’m not having any friends. It’s just gunna be Me,Kevy, Joe,Nick, Mama and Papa. Nobody else. It sounds mean but I hope they unerstand that I am still trying to get used to life at home again. I especially miss Hazel I haven’t seen her In ages. Well, she came to visit me at the hospital. But that was still a long time ago. I miss her. She is like

3 Responses to “The life of a Jonas Sister Chapter 11”

  1. famousfive30 says:

    I can’t say at the mo!

  2. dollarglamorous says:

    great job chica post more okay !

  3. jonaslover114 says:

    loved it! and i bet they bought her a dog(=

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